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The second edition of The Europa Race starts May 5, 2012!Wednesday, December 14, 2011

- The start is set for May 5, 2012 in Istanbul
- It's the second edition of the Europa Race
- Eight boats already entered

The Europa Race was established with a goal of not only becoming a sustainable sporting challenge but as a truly international platform to promote communication, cooperation and trade between the countries which form the race route. Now, the second edition of this innovative and exciting race is due to start in Istanbul on May 5th 2012.

Imagine a sailing venue nestling in the very heart of an ancient, cosmopolitan city. That is Byzantium, or more precisely Istanbul, which is the starting point of a remarkable adventure, an invitation to travel and experience a stimulating, invigorating route which spans Europe. Already eight IMOCA Open 60 skippers and their teams have answered the call of The Europa Race, to take part in a race which will be their last big event as a fleet before the start of the solo non stop around the world Vendee Globe race. In between the long days and nights of solo practice The Europa Race is a great test of speed and opportunity to fine tune their craft fully crewed before the legendary solo challenge.

A race of three legs which visits four countries...

... That is 3700 miles of racing spread across nearly four hard weeks. It sounds tough but it is an acid test of boats, teams and skippers, one which along the way promises a range of varied coastal landscapes and islands, navigational and strategic choices. There are the capricious thermal winds which blow between the islands. From the start in Istanbul there is the sail down the Bosphorous, the Marmara Seas, and the passage through the Dardanelles. Then there are the warm, azure waters of the Aegean, in to the Mediterranean Sea from east to west in to the Catalonian capital of Barcelona. Out from Barcelona the test is the Straits of Gibraltar with fierce tides and often decisive choices at the gateway to the Atlantic. From there it is a course into the Channel for a stop in Portsmouth at the end of the second leg. Then a reciprocal track back out of the Channel, around Brittany to finish in the sailing and nautical sports centre of La Rochelle, well known hosts of many major sailing events, arriving around June 6th.

Quote from Cumali Varer, President of Olay Nautic

"The sporting goal is the same for 2012 but in the passion for sailing, I am driven by a bigger undertaking: for the world, for Europe, for communication and cultural exchanges fostered between different peoples. I have such a deep commitment to humanity and the sea, sailing, with the aim of continuous exchanges for all of us. "

Entries at 1st December 2011

(Registration deadline scheduled as late February 2012)

  1. BANQUE POPULAIRE - Armel LeCléac'h (FR)
  2. CHEMINEES-POUJOULAT - Bernard Stamm (SUI)
  3. GAMESA - Mike Golding (UK)
  4. GROUPE BEL - Kito de Pavant (FR)
  5. MACIF - François Gabart (FR)
  6. PRB - Vincent Riou (FR)
  7. SAFRAN - Marc Guillemot (FR)
  8. VIRBAC-PAPREC 3 - Jean-Pierre Dick (FR)

Race facts:

  • The date of the first edition of Europe Race: 2009
  • The reigning champion: Foncia
  • The 2011: 3700 miles to go in 3 steps
  • Class involved: 60-foot monohull IMOCA Class
  • Special interest: The last big race for fleet before
  • Vendee Globe 

The Program:

  • April 29: Arrival of boats in Istanbul
  • 04 May:  Istanbul Trophy
  • May 5:  Start of the Europa Race from Istanbul - Leg 1
  • May 19: Start Barcelona - Leg 2
  • June 03: Start from Portsmouth - Leg 3
  • June 06: Finish La Rochelle


The three last news

Il y a 153 jours

Mer 30 Nov : Big start from Istanbul on 5th May 2012!

The second edition of the Europa Race will start from Istanbul on Saturday 5th May 2012. The course will take a South-to-North route, starting from the banks of the Bosphorus ľ Istanbul, throughout the Mediterranena Sea via Barcelona, the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel to get to Portsmouth and finally defy one more time the Atlantic Ocean to reach La Rochelle on 6th of June.

The best navigators of the moment among them Franšois Gabart (Macif), Jean-Pierre Dick (Vibrac-Paprec 3), Bernard Stamm (CheminÚes-Poujoulat), Kito de Pavant (Groupe Bel), Marc Guillemot (Safran), Mike Golding (Gamesa), Armel LeClÚac'h (Banque Populaire) et Vincent Riou (PRB) will be on the starting line in Istanbul in May 2012.

Il y a 326 jours

Ven 10 Juin : Europa Race to be rescheduled

Olay Nautic, organiser of the race around Europe, and IMOCA, the association of skippers of 60' monohulls, have taken the joint decision to postpone the race, which had been scheduled to start on the 1st of July.

The race itself fulfils all of the conditions set by the Organiser and IMOCA, but the number of entries is insufficient for an event of this standing.

This situation is in part due to the difficult economic climate which has led to fewer sponsored campaigns, technical issues on some boats, and the fact that a number of boats have only recently finished the round the world Barcelona World Race.

Il y a 414 jours

Lun 14 Mars : Europa Race: the race is already on

Four skippers have already confirmed that they will be racing in this second IMOCA race around Europe. Four highly talented teams who will be fighting it out all the way from the waters of the Bosphorus to the Solent from the 1st of July until the 10th of August. Forty days of racing as well as stopovers in ports rich in maritime heritage await some of our best sailors on the planet.

Bernard Stamm (CheminÚes Poujoulat), Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss), Marc Guillemot (Safran) and Kito de Pavant (Groupe Bel), are the four skippers who have already confirmed ...


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Report General ranking 2009
1. : Foncia16 points
2. : Groupe Bel13 points
3. : 187610 points
4. : Veolia Environnement10 points
5. : Paprec Virbac 29 points
6. : DCNS2 points
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